Council and Assembly Office move from one Church to another

Council and Assembly Office move from one Church to another


Council: 114 - BANGOR

Project Description:

The Knight’s as well as the Faith Formation Offices were asked to relocate from St. Teresa’s Church Hall to St. Joseph’s Church to new office space. The Parish is making rental space available for Catholic Charities of Maine to move in from its other Bangor location on Kenduskeag Avenue.
During a 4th Degree meeting it was decided that we would give er a try on Friday to round up sufficient helpers to get the job done. I’m happy to report that eight brothers throughout the morning on June 11th from 8 am through at least noon loaded up the Knights stuff. We gave it our all and succeeded in moving everything from St. Teresa’s to St. Joseph’s Church Hall. Let me just say when you take all “the stuff” and put it in one place, there’s a lot of stuff!!!!! We cleaned out the old office areas and vacuumed the carpets/floors and closed the doors behind us, felt great to have that done. Want to thank the Knights who helped with the move today, what a nice feeling to have sufficient numbers of helpers with this effort, it was a lot of work. They are; Jim Vashon, Dale Plourde, Jamie Berube, Walter Boguslawski, Andy Sharp, Pete Starr, Jimmy Landers and myself.
Now, over the next several days we will need to go through the stuff we laid out on tables at St. Joseph’s to weed through and sort out what we really need because we have too much old stuff!

Ps, we had half a dozen things setting next to the dumpster, filing cabinets, portable wooden bar, cement flag base holders, etc, anyway when Jeff Schaller came to help at 1:30 after work, he couldn’t find us, so he took it upon himself to place the items next to the road and put a sign on them “FREE”, Jeff wasn’t even done putting the sign up when a person stopped and took everything-cleaned up sort a speak. “NICE”, thank you Jeff.

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