Covid-19 Church Chairs Swapped out

Covid-19 Church Chairs Swapped out


Council: 114 - BANGOR

Project Description:

As a result of the Corona Virus it was felt and decided that the cloth chairs within St. Mary’s Church should be removed. Brothers Chris Popper and Walter Shannon organized the task at hand, seven brother knights and one spouse arrived on September 16th at 5 pm to remove the cloth chairs and cloth kneelers. There are approximately 500 Cloth chairs within the church, and approximately 200 of them were removed and stored in another adjacent room storage room.

Medal Folding Chairs were then carried in and placed throughout the church area spaced for an assortment of numbers due to varying family sizes. After it was completed the room seemed better equipped to service the faith community in a safe environment.

The Knight providing much needed service to the Parish during a most trying time. Thank you Knights of Columbus

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