Degree Team Workshop. 2018 15791

Degree Team Workshop. 2018 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

Myself and two of our newer council brothers met at Saint Gregory’s Church Hall on Saturday April 21, 2018 to discuss our Admission’s Team needs. With the passing of two of our senior members recently, has created two voids in our Admission’s Degree Team roster. With this said our Degree Team Co/Captain contacted two of our newer members and asked if they would like to serve on our Team. On Saturday we met to discuss the positions which were open, and what the parts were all about. After some time and discussion they both agreed they would like to try the parts and see if they feel comfortable doing them. We have had good luck with some of our newest members in them being willing to step up and help where needed with a number of projects and programs. There is one other new member who we will be talking with about taking a part in the Admission’s Team, and also the Seminarian Program. If we are to continue to build a stronger and more active council we need to reach out as Council Officers to those new members and get them involved early. This should be the goal of each and every council within the Knights of Columbus, with the LORDS help.

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