Donating To Camp Gregory And The Community. 15791

Donating To Camp Gregory And The Community. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

Recently two of our council brothers attended a Camp Gregory Camp Ground Meeting at Saint Gregory Church Hall. During the meeting one of our council brothers asked the Team Leader of the Camp Gregory group if they would like a boat dock donated to them if the Camp Insurance would allow it. After checking into the insurance guidelines it was deemed ok to move forward with their plan. On June 9, 2018 these two council brothers and one of the team members met at the location where the dock was and removed it from the water and trucked it over to Camp Gregory for storage at this time. Once the area is prepared where the dock will be installed then these three men will put the dock in the water at the camp. What a Charitable offer by one of our council officer’s and members. Giving to the Community will always be the number one priority of the Knights of Columbus.

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