Fall Clean-up and Support to Brother Knight and Family

Fall Clean-up and Support to Brother Knight and Family


Council: 114 - BANGOR

Project Description:

Sir Knight Don and Dela Factor own a lovely home with beautiful grounds in Bangor ME. They both strived over the years to keep it neat and beautiful. Health issues have had a slowing effect on their ability to keep up with the work. My wife Bernadette and I took them a meal one Sunday in June. We visited with the Factors for a bit and Dela took us on a little tour of their property. She was so proud of her Peonies. As we walked, I listened to her as she remarked that it was just too much for her to take care of the property and how disappointing it was. I then thought, why not put together a work day with the Knights of Columbus and do a lot of the things Dela wanted to do but couldn’t. With help from her groundskeeper Bill McClure we decided to pick a day on September to trim hedges and other plants, edge and weed the gardens, clean up the mess we made and make the property look like something Dela would be proud of. On September 12th Brothers Gaspar, Forbes, Landers, Baber and Willey with help from Bill McClure did it and I might be a little prejudice to say, it came out darn good.
It is a pleasure to do something for those that need help but it is an honor and privilege to do something for a fellow Knight.

Sir Knight Glenn I. Gaspar

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