Family of the Month/December 2021

Family of the Month/December 2021


Council: 13861 - SANFORD

Project Description:

The Knights of Columbus St. Thomas Council has selected the family of Gerry and Shirley Newport as family of the month for December 2021.
Gerry and Shirley have been happily married for 44 years. They are proud parents of seven children: Monica, Gerry, Paul, Vicky, Bernadette, Norman and Connie.
Although Gerry is retired, he manages to stay quite active. Gerry is the president of the Veterans Memorial Committee, where he organizes the Memorial Day Parade, the Veterans Day Ceremony and the dropping of the wreath in Number One Pond on Pearl Harbor Day. Gerry is also active in the Lions Club, where they organize an annual food drive. Gerry is active in the Disabled American Veterans too.
Gerry is a knight in the Knights of Columbus St. Thomas Council where he serves as Warden. As a member of the St. Thomas Council, Gerry organizes the annual Children’s Christmas party, along with his wife Shirley, Daughter Monica and other children. This party allows many area underprivileged children to have a Christmas. A tremendous amount of work goes into this event, from contacting families, to fundraising, to purchasing the gifts, gift wrapping, prepping the hall, purchasing the food, party supplies, recruiting help and (of course) getting a Santa Claus. Any leftover gifts are donated to Santa’s Cause.
Gerry’s wife Shirley is also very active. Shirley performs the custodial work in the church, rectory and St. Thomas School. She also launders the altar linen and purificators used during mass. She serves as a greeter, eucharistic minister and brings the eucharist to the homebound. She was also involved in the Children’s Litergy before the pandemic. Shirley, along with her husband Gerry, is involved in the Lions Club
Their daughter Monica is active in our parish as well. Recently Monica began a new job as Administrative Assistant at the parish office. Beside her administrative duties, Monica serves as a Eucharistic Minister and Lector. Monica also organized and oversaw the Harvest Fair in 2019. And yes, Monica played a big part in the Children’s Christmas Party. Monica purchased all the gifts. Shop ‘til you drop; except Monica never drops! Monica can really stretch a dollar! She is the premier bargain hunter of York County. Monica is to shopping as Tom Brady is to football. I know she’s a Steelers fan; but I just had to add that in!
The St. Therese of Lisieux Parish is grateful for the many contributions that the family of Gerry and Shirley Newport have made for our faith community. We are blessed to have them as part of our family!

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