Family of the Month – February

Family of the Month - February


Council: 2219 - WESTBROOK

Project Description:

The Family of the Month is awarded to a grouping that may include husband, wife, children, grandchildren and parents. February’s Family of the Month is such a family who is much more than a couple. Their family unit is the major focus in their lives, as it should be, yet they find time and opportunity to serve the community as well.
Dennis has been one of the major contributors to the Coats for Kids volunteer work since he joined the Council. He looked out for fellow volunteer Brother Joe Denehy when the onset of Alzheimer’s became apparent. Dennis has accepted the office of Lecturer, the person responsible for arranging programs at our supper meetings.
Grandchildren Emelia Bailey and Jude Lavertu are very well-known to the St. Hyacinth congregation. “An Evening with Emelia” was perhaps the best Talent Show the Knights have sponsored. Grandson Jude, with references such as “Little Pope” Mike Seavey, always keeps us entertained.
Milaine is always welcome at any table, as she is always ready to regale with humorous anecdotes that sometimes cause Dennis to hide his head. Milaine is a fabulous cook, and she is always ready to prepare meals for the sick (as I can personally attest) or for potluck suppers.
It gives me great pleasure to award the February Family of the Month to that of Dennis and Milaine Plante.

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