Family of the Month for February 2020

Family of the Month for February 2020


Council: 13861 - SANFORD

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The St. Thomas Knights of Columbus honors the family of Jim and Anne-Marie Sanger as our choice for February 2020 Family of the Month.

Interestingly, Jim and Anne-Marie were married right here in Holy Family Church the year this church opened, a year they began paying it forward, a family of action. They are the proud parents of three children, Cynthia 54, Jeffrey 53, and Matthew 48.

Jim is a retired teacher and St. Thomas Knight of Columbus. Anne-Marie, the first Holy Family parish secretary is enjoying her retirement as well.
To say they are involved in our parish is a gross understatement attested to by the amazing list of their involvement.

Both Jim and Anne-Marie serve as Eucharistic Ministers for over forty years and also bring The Eucharist to the homebound faithfully every Friday. Jim serves mass for funerals as scheduled, sometimes 2 or 3 times in one week.

They serve as lectors at Sunday mass. They have served on the St. Thomas school board, the RCIA team, volunteered at Goodall Hospital, volunteered at our annual Church Fair, Knights of Columbus Fish Dinners, and the church choir.

Both Anne-Marie and Jim volunteer on the St. Thomas Food Closet team, work on the church decorating team, and the Haiti Committee.
It is with great pride we congratulate Jim and Anne-Marie Sanger, a Family of Action, our Family of the Month for February.

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