Family of the Month September

Family of the Month September


Council: 13861 - SANFORD

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St. Thomas Council
Names Southwick Family
as Family of the Month
for September 2022
September 17, 2022

The Knights of Columbus St. Thomas Council has selected the Family of Rick and
Rebecca Southwick as Family of the Month for the month of September 2022.
Rick and Rebecca have been happily married for 49 years. They are proud parents of a
son Jason and a daughter Sharon. They also have four grandchildren. Their daughter
Sharon has three sons: Grayson who's 19, Devan who's 11 and Avery who's 8. Their
son Jason has one son Cody, who's 16.
Rick and Rebecca have been communicants at this parish for 12 years and they've been
quite active. Rebecca taught children's liturgy, was on the sanitizing team, helped with
the Christmas and Easter decorations in the church, helped prepare the meals after the
funeral masses and baked desserts for those meals.
Rick has been a Knight in the St. Thomas Council for the past four years. In fact he had
rejoined the Knights four years ago. Rick had originally joined the Knights of Columbus
in 1976. So after he rejoined, he immediately rolled up his sleeves and got back to work.
Rick served for three years as Deputy Grand Knight under Terry Sylvanus who put him
to work on several projects. Last year, Rick worked tirelessly planning, organizing and
working our council's two curbside Lenten fish dinners. You'll always see Rick and his
wife Rebecca working at all the St. Thomas Council Lenten Haddock suppers. You'll see
Rick and Rebecca working at the upcoming Parish Harvest Fair in October.
God bless the Southwick family for their hard work and dedication in the church and the
Knights of Columbus!

Rick and Rebecca Southwick
Presented at our 4:00pm Mass

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