Family Violence Project

Family Violence Project


Council: 334 - AUGUSTA

Project Description:

I serve on the Board of Directors for the Family Violence Project. The Board provides support and guidance for the agency’s staff. The primary purpose of this agency is to provide a safe environment for victims of domestic abuse and their families who have had to flee dangerous living conditions. The staff also provides support, guidance and advocacy during court proceedings.
Other services include educational lessons held in high schools and shelter advocacy along with a variety of technical support.
This report reflects my involvement in the last two board meetings of the calendar year. The amount of people involved varies at each meeting. So the number of people cannot be exact since this form will only allow a precise number. However the number of Knights involved is actually one. The true amount of time that I invested is really 2 hours and 40 minutes. Again the real time cannot be reflected in this format.
The Family Violence Project does very important work by offering protection and advocacy for victims of domestic violence. I encourage other K of C Councils to support their local Domestic Violence Shelter.

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