Father Zacharie Bukuru Reception

Father Zacharie Bukuru Reception


Council: 12941 - BIDDEFORD

Project Description:

Father Zacharie Bukuru Reception
Feb. 23, 2020 St Joseph Church Hall, Biddeford 11 Knights 176 Hours Total

Father Zacharie Bukuru was the priest rector in charge of the Buta seminary in Burundi, Africa in 1997 when the Hutu/Tutsi ethnic conflict swept over the place. Armed men attacked the seminary. While Father Bukuru was forced to hide, these men rounded up the seminarians and gave them an ultimatum—separate Hutus from Tutsis so that one group could be killed or else. The seminarians refused to be divided this way and so 40 were murdered for the faith that inspired their unity. Afterward, Father dedicated himself to telling the martyrdom story of the seminarians, and helping to reconcile the ethnic conflict that still troubles Burundians at home and abroad. Fr Bukuru is the author of a book titled We Are All Children of God. In recognition of his efforts, he was invited to speak at an international conference in New York City in mid February.
After his NY conference, Fr Bukuru came to Biddeford to visit friends, a couple of whom are our Brother Knights. They took the lead in setting up a reception and talk for Father Bukuru at St Joseph Church in Biddeford attended by 60 people, including many Burundi or Rwanda expatriates. Together Brother Knights prepared and served a light lunch for attendees and cleaned up afterward. In addition, our Brothers arranged for videotaping and posting the local speaking event on the web and emceed Father’s 90 minute talk and Q & A session. The occasion was an unusual opportunity to serve the cause of forgiveness, which is God’s own.

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