Father’s Day Family Barbeque

Father's Day Family Barbeque


Council: 149 - CALAIS

Project Description:

This year we were happy to put on our annual “Father’s Day Barbeque”, once again. One of our new Knights donated a Brand New, $600.00 Barbeque, to help us out, which came in mighty handy! The Knights advertised the event in the Parish Bulletin, and on our schedule of activities.
We stated that the Knights would provide the Hot Dogs, burgers, and drinks. But would solicit salads, and sweets as pot luck items.

Tom and Mary purchased all the meats, buns and drinks. We had condoments at the Hall.

The turnout was fantastic! Knights Claude Landry and Tom MacDonald manned the grills, and the food was cooked to perfection. There was LOADS of Sweets, ans salads, galore! Everything was just great.

The kids enjoyed playing a Corn Hole turnament in the yard along with frisbies, being tossed about.

This was a special Father’s Day event because it was the last one with our beloved Chaplain, Father Kevin Martin. He had a great time with his Parishoners and Knights.

We had just brought on 4 new Knights about two weeks earlier, with large families and they also had a GREAT TIME!

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