First Annual Christmas Gift Card Raffle During Covid-19. 15791

First Annual Christmas Gift Card Raffle During Covid-19. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

Council Brothers, Parishioners, Friends and Neighbors, participated in our 2020 Christmas Gift Card Raffle, by way of Internet, Private Homes, and Business, during December 2020. Due to the Corvid-19 virus this year we have been very limited to how we do our council Fund Raising. With volunteer’s coming forward and making donations of gift cards and cash we were very fortunate to have been able to raise some funds to help support our education account. The Grand Knight and Deputy Grand Knight are happy to announce that we achieved $1,655 in raffle ticket purchases over a 3 week period (incredible!) and netted just under $1500 – which is enough to sponsor our seminarian Joshua with a $500 scholarship and cover one $1,000 college scholarship. This is incredible and we thank all who participated for their generosity and support for these great causes. With over 67 people buying tickets and over 550 tickets sold, made our Grand Knight and Deputy Grand Knight very happy. The Deputy Grand Knight was able to deliver the gift cards this morning after the 9am drawing. Just in time for Christmas. Again, thank you all for your support. Since this concept works very well, and we can do both electronic and paper tickets, we will continue to do more of these in the future. Without the Good Lords Help none of this would have been possible.

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