Fish Chowdah Suppah

Fish Chowdah Suppah


Council: 334 - AUGUSTA

Project Description:

Fasting and abstinence are part of the tenets of our faith during Fridays in Lent. A long-standing tradition has been to offer a meal of fish, in some form, to the Parish community as a sign of fellowship, faithful observance, and remembrance. The Brother Knights and family members of Council 334 continued this tradition with a traditional “Fish Chowdah Suppah.” They obtained the supplies, prepped the ingredients, prepared the chowder (and side-dishes), served, and cleaned the Church Hall.
The proceeds of the supper will be used to offset the anticipated expenses which will be incurred when the Council prepares a spaghetti supper for St. Michael School in May, for their Open House.It wouldn’t be a K of C function without a 50/50 Raffle. The proceeds of the event’s raffle were won by a Brother Knight, who graciously returned the money to the Council.
All who attended enjoyed the camaraderie, and reflected on the spirit of the season. All expressed their thanks to PSD Bill (and Carlene) Carney for chairing this event.

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