Flag Day Ceremony

Flag Day Ceremony


Council: 11747 - SCARBOROUGH

Project Description:

Council 11747, hosted the Flag Ceremony held at the Maine Military Museum on June 14th,2021. We had 3 Members of the council who are also 4th Degree Knights, and two other councils with 4th Degree Knights. Brother Gerry Martin, a retired member of the United States Air Force, Technical Sargent, has performing this ceremony for over 18 years. We also had members of VFW Post 6859 and members of the Maine Rolling Thunder Chapter 2 participants. Members of the Rolling Thunder lowered and raise a new American Flag, folded the flag and presented it to me for proper disposal, consisting of Burning the flag. The purpose of this ceremony is to properly dispose of the US Flags that have been tattered, worn, and soiled along with a listing of service members that have been identified and re-patriated over the past year.

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