“Flags-In; Flags-Out”

"Flags-In; Flags-Out"


Council: 334 - AUGUSTA

Project Description:

There is a strong connection between military service and spirituality. The Bible tells us that “there is no greater love than to lay down ones’ life for his fellow man.” President Lincoln, while dedicating a cemetery in Pennsylvania, referred to those who “gave their last full measure of devotion.”

The holiday which we now call Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day. For many Americans it signifies the start of summer, barbeques, vacations, and shorter work days. But for those who have lost a loved one because of their military service, it is not the festive “Holiday” that most take for granted. It is deeply personal, because that loved one sacrificed their life so that we, the living, can enjoy the God-given freedoms we enjoy.

On Saturday, May 26, the volunteers gathered for opening remarks, patriotic songs, and instructions on the proper procedure for placing “Flags-In.” For over ten years this event and ceremonies has been coordinated and directed by SK Don Simoneau, Council 320, Jay, Maine. The tremendous effort required of him is not diminished by his being wheel-chair bound. His efforts at fund-raising, purchasing flags, storage, and replacements, is just short of miraculous. This year approximately 35,000 flags were placed at the two State cemeteries in Augusta.

because nothing is permanent, what was placed on Saturday, must be removed the following week. To prevent mildew, the flags cannot be removed until the weather attains certain conditions (sunny, dry, and dew-free). Useable flags are bundled for storage for next year’s use; while unserviceable flags are gathered for proper disposal. Those disposed-of flags must be replaced, and thus starts the cycle again.

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