Food Bank Volunteer

Food Bank Volunteer


Council: 334 - AUGUSTA

Project Description:

I am a volunteer for the Augusta Food Bank. This is a year round activity therefore my Surge Reports go from March to March for reporting compliance. (The total persons participating is unknown to me. So I just put 30 in the space to satisfy that field. There are three paid staff members and many volunteers. I am not sure if any are Knights).
I perform many labor intensive chores. These include driving the Food Bank van to various stores to pick up hundreds or thousands of pounds of food donations which need to be loaded into the van then unloaded at the Food Bank. It also included a lot of warehouse work in order to restock the Food Bank.
My duties also include being the point person for the Community Cupboard located at Cony H.S. that distributes food to elementary and high school students. I fill the orders, load the van and deliver many pounds of food to the storeroom at Cony where I stock the shelves on a weekly basis.
The actual time that I put into this project was 293 1/2 hours.

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