Food Drive Pickup

Food Drive Pickup


Council: 680 - MILLINOCKET

Project Description:

The Millinocket Memorial Library was sponsoring a food distribution for the greater Millinocket Community but had not received its entire distribution from the Good Shepard Food Bank in Hermon, Maine. Another truck was not scheduled to deliver any more food until after the scheduled food distribution date. A call was made to Council 680 to see if we could make the trip from Millinocket to Hermon to deliver the food needed to complete the order before the scheduled distribution that weekend. 3 trucks and 5 Knights made the trip, broke the pallet of 600 lbs of food into the three trucks and drove the food to the Millinocket Library and unloaded the food where volunteers would pack the food into containers for distribution. This was done to help another community member realized their goal of helping those less fortunate during this pandemic

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