Food for Families

Food for Families


Council: 114 - BANGOR

Project Description:

Brother Sir Knight Phil Bergin has coordinated Food for families program since 2018. Participating knights include Grand Knight Keith Forbes, Andre Fecteau, Rey Dubois, Mark Armstrong, Arrin Farrar, EJ Hikel, Glen Gaspar, Brett Baber, and James Landers. We served over 48 meals in the past year, mostly to Sir Brother Knight Don and Della Factor who after a terrible accident was left blind and wheel chair bound. The knights coordinate via “Take them a meal” web site and deliver the food and stay and visit Don and Della. Don, Della and their children are very grateful for the meals and company. The meals help provide less of a burden of the factors as they are challenged through the accident. The knights only need to provide one meal every two months so the burden is not great on the knights. It has been a great family ministry for our council.

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