Free Throw Competition

Free Throw Competition


Council: 11376 - BRIDGTON-FRYEBURG

Project Description:

On Saturday February 15th Council 11376 held its Free Throw Competition at the Bridgton Town Hall Gym in Bridgton ME.
This event was originally scheduled for Sunday January 5th but was cancelled due to weather. With the inability to secure a venue on short notice and the planned winter festival in Bridgton the council opted to hold the competition as part of the winter festival on Saturday Feb 15th The council had the support of the Bridgton Recreational Department that posted the event on its Facebook page , the Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce as part of the festival events on their website, and the lake Region Middle School. The competition had 10 players . Not many but more than in the past. This is an event that needs to improved upon and ideas have been already been made. Any chance to get kids to compete in this type of event is always worth pursuing

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