Furniture Donation for New Family

Furniture Donation for New Family


Council: 114 - BANGOR

Project Description:

A Brother Knight and his wife contacted another Brother with a pickup truck to see if he would pickup a double size bed with all the blankets and bed spreads, along with a dresser, and wall hangings to match the bedding to some needy family. The brother contacted a new family in the area from Ghana, also a brother Knight, who moved into the area approximately two years ago, and who recently had twins, now they are a family of five to see if they could use the furniture. This family could not be more pleased with the generosity of the Knights in thinking of them, and yes they accepted the furniture with open arms.
Another Brother Knight assisted with the pickup and delivery of said furniture and placed it in the new apartment for the family.
I’m happy to report that both parents have jobs and that the in-law has moved in as well, the family are thriving, all smiles and full of the Lord’s Blessings in this new life of theirs and to the community.
This Brother Knight shall be strong participant for years to come.

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