Grief Share Program

Grief Share Program


Council: 12941 - BIDDEFORD

Project Description:

Grief Share Program is designed for people who have lost love ones, Their is no time frame or catagories of lost. The program is faith base and is stuctured to place God in the center of your grief as you journey through your lost. The program is 10 weeks long at one and half hours per session. The name of the program is called “From Mourning to Joy”. The course will walk the participents from the initial intense lost and explains all the pitfalls that you may face and makes you aware of potiential ways to manuever each situation during these challenging times. Each sessions has two grief share facilitators and a religious. The task of the quides is to listen and to encourage conversation by actively listening and encouraging conversation. The success to the program happens when the participnts activily start sharing with each other.
The program has been very successful in letting the participants in become aware of their feelings of grief and prepares them in continuing their journey of life. The programs ends with a meal that best represents the desert that their love one most enjoyed and the sharing of this story.

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