Council: 10221 - GORHAM

Project Description:

Well this was a crazy year! For the last 14 years Our Lenten Haddock dinners is our MAIN fundraiser for our council . Normally we schedule 6 dinners during lent and raise appox $6000 . This year with Covid-19 we had our first 3 dinners during lent as sit down but had to cancel because of covid-19. Our Community needing resources started to dwindle our monies , so the Leadership under Gk Mike Chabot , PGK Bruce Theriault, PGK Mark Andrews,and PGK Anthony Alfiero, decided to do drive thru Haddock dinners. We started back up and decided to do 3rd friday of month. December was our first, only 167 dinners were sold but Jan 186 and Feb 209 so to date we have served 1297 dinners drive thru with one remaining in March. We as a council have netted $6479.88 and with this we have done wonders in our community. We have given 2 brothers in need $500 to help them in Leave No Neighbor Behind , we have also donated $500 to a family in church who needed food for a month. We have also donated $500 to Christmas Baskets in church with gift cards.
Also with this money, We sponsor 3 seminarians, we sponsor 3-$500 Book awards for College Bound children in our area. We also sponsored The KOFC Lobster dip team for Maine Special olympics, We also boy scouts dinners, and Award Graduating Hs Senior with new Bibles for them, and we sponsor Keep Christ in Christmas contest for our parish, and normally The Maine Kofc Free throw contest.

So well feel as a Council , We Would not LEAVE NO NEIGHBOR BEHIND!! THANKS for the local support!!

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