“Hats For Cancer”

"Hats For Cancer"


Council: 10019 - LEWISTON

Project Description:

Hats for Cancer

On December 10, 2021, members of Holy Family Council 10019 of Lewiston, Maine got together and sponsored a new “Hats for Cancer” project to help cancer patients at Saint Mary’s Hospital.

Due to Covid-19, the supply of hats for patients ran out, so Brother Knights got together and purchased 16 dozen knitted beanie hats and donated them to the cancer department at Saint Mary’s Hospital.

The staff at Saint Mary’s were very appreciative. They told of how patients going through chemo loose their hair and beanie hats help them get through it.

With Covid-19 being so much in the news today, cancer seems to have taken a back seat. Let us pray to God that a cure will be found for both.

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