Helping A Heart Patient In Need. 15791

Helping A Heart Patient In Need. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

Two council brothers, and the friend of one of the council members responded to the request of a friend in the community on August 30, 2018. Recently one of our council brothers was asked by a friend, who just recently had open heart surgery, if he knew of anyone that might have a used tread mill that was in good working order. It just happened that a week before this brother knight and his wife were given, by one of our council members a tread mill, which he and his wife had no further use of. After discussing this request with his wife they decided to donate the tread mill to the patient recovering from open heart surgery. No doubt it is safe to say that Charity, and Unity were very much at work here with the help of our Lord. Its’ situations like this that make me feel very Blessed and Proud to be a member of this council, and the Knights of Columbus.

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