Helping Hands

Helping Hands


Council: 680 - MILLINOCKET

Project Description:

Each month, members of our Council would help with the Millinocket Library’s Food Distribution program. Brother Knights would meet the food truck from the Good Shepard Food Bank and unload the truck to the storage site at St. Martin of Tours. Members would then help create distribution boxes from the donated food so each box had a sampling of all the types of food donated. This ranged from rice to oats, to cereals, to canned vegetables, to a variety of soups and milk products. On distribution day, members would also help with distribution. This was repeated every month from March to December of 2021. The coordinator of this program would contact our Council every month to make sure we were able to assist with that month’s event. It was evident that, without our help, this project would have been much more difficult to accomplish as successfully as it had.

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