I Survived 9

I Survived 9


Council: 10019 - LEWISTON

Project Description:

In August 2020, Brother Gordon Davis, a member of Holy Family Council, introduced a new project idea, hoping to promote pro-life, he calls it; “I Survived 9”. When he spoke of this idea to members he was encouraged enough to form a committee to help him develop it into a viable program effort. The committee came together over many meetings to brainstorm a course of action. As it usually happens in a new committees of this type, many of the members were skeptical, however respected the concept. As a result of thoughtful prayer progress was achieved.
Their first step was designing a logo for a lapel pin, someone thought it would be a good idea of getting the aid of a professional graphic designer. Several vendors were found for the manufacturing the proposed pin, the list was eventually pared down to one company. A second step would be formulating an original prayer, to be placed on the back of prayer cards, with the front depicting the “I Survived 9” logo. That would be a great way to get the message out into the public’s hands. Someone then thought of trade mark registration for the logo. The next hurtle would be to generate the required funds get these items accomplished and ordered. The ball was now rolling and would not be stopped. The idea of serving a public baked bean supper seemed to be feasible, even in these covid-19 times, so a drive-thru supper was proposed and scheduled.
Members met every week at first with no real progress. Then the idea of divide and conquer to accomplish a small portion, would be the thing to do. With smaller action items to deal with, members were able to focus on smaller tasks. Soon real progress was being made, with the main goal being a full blown public unveiling at the “Hands Around the Capitol” Pro-Life rally in January. Signs were printed with the “I Survived 9” logo, pins and literature explaining the program were prepared.
The ‘beast’ had his hand in these good works by increasing the Covid-19 infection and fear to the point where our good Bishop needed to cancel the Hands Around the Capitol event. None the less, we are now planning for an even better public campaign. We will overcome, with God’s help.

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