In Support of All Saints Catholic Robotics Program

In Support of All Saints Catholic Robotics Program


Council: 114 - BANGOR

Project Description:

Two years ago the Parish Community was taken by storm on the Successes the All Saints Catholic School in Bangor did in competition within the Robotic’s Competitions. Therefore the Knights of Columbus, Pine Cone Council decided that they would be involved with helping with fundraising events in support of our Catholic Schools and students. This year we contacted the Director of Robotic’s at the school and discussed doing a joint spaghetti supper, but wouldn’t you know, the school robotics team had a Robotics meet on the very day the supper was scheduled for, therefore the Knights did a sole fundraiser. Tickets were pre-sold, about 100 tickets, we also announced it at all churches the week prior, and the evening of the supper we announced it at the two 4 o’clock masses, well let me tell you, didn’t the parishioners respond!!!! About another 80 tickets were sold at the door, the church hall was full, the food was all eaten up, the guitar and tambourine duo were amazing and very well received.
In all an extremely well attended supper, with great food, music and fellowship.

In all the Knights presented a check in the amount of $2,554.10 to the Robotics Director at a School Pep Rally.


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