Council: 149 - CALAIS

Project Description:

The Calais Knights of Columbus were asked by the Calais Community Hospital, to conduct a BLOOD DRIVE, at their Hall in Calais. The Knights have agreed and have worked out a schedule with the Hospital to conduct a Blood Drive in Calais, every other month, on the third wednesday. With COVID Restrictions at the Hospital, it was easier to do the drives at the K/C Hall. As the need is still very high for Blood.

The Knights conduct a BINGO every Monday night. So after the BINGO, the knights broke down all the chairs and tables, for the Red Cross to come in and set-up their tables and equipment.

The Knights assist the Red Cross in bringing in their stuff, and when it’s time for the drive volunteers come in from the hospital and work with the Knights on the Drive. Blood Drives last from 12 to 5, however they arrive at 10:45ish and work till 6:15ish.

Afterwards the Knights set the tables and chairs back up for BINGO.

This Blood Drive exceed the Red Cross goals and they were very happy with the Calais set-up.

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