June 2021 Family of the Month

June 2021 Family of the Month


Council: 2231 - SANFORD

Project Description:

The St. Thomas Council, Knights of Columbus, have chosen the family of Jim and Sue Southard as family of the month for June 2021.

Jim and Sue, now married forty-three years, have been members of our congregation for approximately thirty years. They are proud parents of Matthew, who received all his Sacraments in this parish. They have two grandchildren whom they dearly love.

Sue and Jim have been a part of the music ministry for as long as they have been members of this parish. They began singing at the 10:30 am guitar Mass. In addition to singing, Jim played his guitar.

They currently sing at the 11:00 Mass, using their God-given talents to praise and give glory to God.
Besides the Music Ministry, the couple were involved in the Marriage Preparation program.

The Knights of Columbus proudly presents the Family of the Month for June 2021, the Southard family, a family united in living their faith together. We are blessed to have them in our parish!

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