Knight of the Month for April 2021

Knight of the Month for April 2021


Council: 13861 - SANFORD

Project Description:

St. Thomas Council is proud to award Knight of the Month for April 2021 to Matt Pettine, who has been a Knight for eleven years.

Many of his years in the Knights of Columbus have been spent serving as Treasurer for the St. Thomas Council. As Treasurer, Matt works hand in hand with the Financial Secretary ensuruing that all financial accounting, audits, and reports are completed in a timely manner. Matt has also coordinated several fundraising sub accounts for St. Thomas School and the church bells fundraiser to name a few.

Matt was very instrumental in setting up the credit card online system for the council-sponsored Lenten Haddock Dinners and coordinated several volunteers from the Boy Scouts to help with the take-out Haddock suppers.

Matt Pettine volunteers on many council programs that include church sanitizing, the Keep Christ ion Christmas Poster Contest and the Catholic Citizenship Essay Contest. Matt is also involved with St. Thomas School, The Boy Scouts and Basketball coaching.

The St. Thomas Council congratulates Matt Pettine for his dedication and hard work!

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