Knight of the Month – October

Knight of the Month - October


Council: 2219 - WESTBROOK

Project Description:

Our Knight of the Month for September, as is frequently the case, has been a huge contributor over many months. Along with buddy Bruce LeBeau, he relamped the entire parish hall and mezzanine level with LED fixtures that are much more energy efficient than the old fluorescents. This is expected to save St. Anthony’s over $500 each year in the future.
This Brother Knight has been busy with many more projects to “light up our lives.” Here are just a few:
– He installed a new controller to turn the parking lot lights on and off on a timed schedule
– He installed electricity in our shed, including new tri-burst lights
– He put new LED bulbs in the corridor leading to the boiler room
– He figured out what was wrong with the motion sensor parking lot lights and repaired them
– He suggested, specified and installed the new video system that we are viewing tonight
This Brother Knight has been one of our most dedicated volunteers on our Coats for Kids campaign. In addition to sorting and bagging like the rest of the workers, he has taken over the job of Master Transporter, bringing all the non-washable goods to the Salvation Army depot.
It is my sincere pleasure to award the Council 2219 Knight of the Month for October to our Worthy “Jack of All Trades”, Gary Sanborn.

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