Knights of Columbus Free Throw Championship

Knights of Columbus Free Throw Championship


Council: 114 - BANGOR

Project Description:

Council 114 has offered the Knights of Columbus Free Throw Championship program for several years, except not for the last two Covid years. 2023 is a “rebuilding” year. 110 entry forms were brought to All Saints’ Catholic School, and 5 students participated. It will likely take a few years to bolster participation up to pre-covid levels. We plan on bringing entry forms to Bangor Christian School and Penobscot Christian School next year (as we have in prior years) , to try to foster comradery amongst the three Christian Schools.
Competition was enthusiastic, with all participants and parents cheering! The event was held in the gym at the St John’s School Campus. 4 out of the 5 participants will be advancing on to the State Competition, in March, at Old Town High School. All 5 participants received Certificates and Trophies!
There were donuts, coffee, and water available for everyone. Masking was not required, and no one chose to wear a mask. Social distancing and hygiene were emphasized. Two of the supervising Knights were Protecting God’s Children certified. All the participating children had parents present.
The winners were announced in the All Saints’ School Principal’s Bulletin and will be announced in the upcoming St Paul the Apostle Parish church bulletin. A picture and event announcements will also be placed in our Council 114 Newsletter. Thank-you to All Saints’ School, Principal Matthew Houghton, and Monseigneur Dubois for supporting this event!

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