Lawn Cleanup at two Churches

Lawn Cleanup at two Churches


Council: 149 - CALAIS

Project Description:

At our Faith in Action planning meeting, it was decided that we would block off Saturday, Nov. 07th, as a lawn cleanup day for two church’s in the Parish of Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, in Calais and Baileyville. Brother Gary Madore brought his trailor and barrells and bags. In Calais the Knights joined Father Kevin Martin as we went around the entire perimeter of the church and the property line. The huge trailer made 4 trips to the dump as we raked the leaves on that property. We started at 8:30 in the morning and had the Immaculate Conception in Calais down by 12 noon. We then went to Baileyville and started in the back lot of St. James the Greater Church. We raked all the leaves here and again made 4 huge trips to the dump in Baileyville. Father again helped out until he had to go and get ready for Mass. Both property’s looked a 100 percent better after we removed all the leaves. we were finally done by 3:00 PM, so it was a long day raking.

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