LD 1225 Maine State Testimony

LD 1225 Maine State Testimony


Council: 10221 - GORHAM

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On May 18th, 2021, I gave testimony in support of LD 1225 before the Joint Standing Committee on Judiciary, an act to provide dignity for the fetal remains by requiring their interment or cremation.
Good morning members of this Committee.
My name is Andre Levesque, and I live at 200 Ossipee Trail in Gorham.
I am representing St. Anne’s Parish council of the Knights of Columbus as their Life Director in support of LD 1225.
I am sure that during the course of these hearings, you will hear many statements about the value of the human fetus. Some will say it is a mere clump of cells.
But the science shows us that from the moment of conception in the mother’s womb, the baby quickly begins to develop.
In 21 days, the heart beats.
In 34 days, the arms and legs appear.
In 36 days, the eyes develop.
In 52 days, the baby begins to move – hiccupping – moving arms, legs, and head – stretching – yawning.
In 6-10 weeks, the baby feels pain and has a unique fingerprint.
I mention these facts so that you are reminded that from the beginning of a baby’s journey, science tells us that the miracle of a beautiful baby will be born.
This point needs to be clear – we are talking about the development of a child in a mother’s womb.
If the child for whatever reason is terminated due to miscarriage or abortion, all respect and dignity should be given to his or her remains.
Recognizing that the parent has the right to custody over the fetal remains, this bill would support her decision to retain or release the remains to custody and control of the state.
All we are asking is that every child that has their life interrupted will not be treated like biological waste,
to be discarded in a landfill, or worse, to be desecrated into pieces in a lab somewhere.
My brother Knights and I request that you look at these facts and support this bill.

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