Council: 13861 - SANFORD

Project Description:

Early in the morning, my neighbor called and was frantic because his wife needed to get to the cancer center for chemotherapy. Their car had a flat tire and wouldn’t be fixed for another day. Without hesitating, the Knight insisted on bringing them to Kennebunk for the treatment, which he did. Because only the patient could enter the facility, the Knight brought the neighbor back home. When the patient called to say her treatment was completed, the Knight picked up the neighbor and drove back to Kennebunk to pick up the patient and bring both of them back to their home. On the return trip, the patient said she had to go to the Biddeford Hospital the following day for a procedure. Without hesitating again, the Knight mad arrangements to pick them up the following day. Just like the previous day, the knight brought the couple to Biddeford and returned to Sanford with the husband until the his wfe was ready to be picked up. And, like the previous day, drive back to Biddeford with the husband at the appointed time and brought the couple home again. That would have been one of the last times that the patient received chemotherapy prior to passing. The Knight was grateful that he had been able to help the couple in their need and spend time with them during her last days.

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