Council: 13861 - SANFORD

Project Description:

For the six Fridays of Lent our council met at the St. Ignatius gym/cafeteria to bake our haddock dinners. Our dinners consisted of a 6oz. portion of baked haddock, green beans, mashed potato, Mac n Cheese, coleslaw, bread and butter, assorted beverages, and assorted deserts. The deserts were baked and donated by several ladies of the parish. Two ladies of the parish also baked ten loaves of fresh baked home made bread each week. The council voted on the distribution of the profits as follows.
Week 1 we served 140 with a profit of $878 for the St. Thomas School Scholarship program
Week 2 we served 165 with a profit of $1125.31 for St. Therese Parish
Week 3 we served 180 with a profit of $1291.60 for WABAN
Week 4 we served 163 with a profit of $1207.29 for the St. Therese Food Closet
Week 5 we served 162 with a profit of $1121.26 for the Ukraine relief program
Week 6 we served 172 with a profit of $1131.26 for Our council in support of our charitable works

Our total profit was $6754.80
Total monies distributed $5623.54

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