Council: 13861 - SANFORD

Project Description:

Due to the pandemic, St. Thomas Council thought it prudent to organize their own March for Life event this year to protest the Supreme Court decision to legalize abortion in the United States 48 years ago on January 22. The council received permission and encouragement from the pastor to hold the event at Holy family Church on January 23 cenetered around the memorial to the unborn that had been erected and dedicated several years ago. Posters were made and 48 red carnations were ordered and paid for at a local flower shop. The event was advertised in the local church bulletin. An email was sent to all members of the council reminding the members who, what, when and where was happening. It was fortuitous that the local walk was organized because the annual Hands Around the Capitol event in Augusta was cancelled. The morning of the 23rd was blustery and cold, making attendance in question. At 11:30am only 2 parishioners were waiting in theirs cars. Fifteen minutes later, they were still the only ones waiting. In the next 5 minutes, 48 men and women braved the wind and cold to attend the event. Others, who could not walk, stayed in their cars to show their support.The carnations were given to all the participants and several volunteered to walk with posters in hand as well. The church bells rang 48 times, and keeping socially distant and wearing masks, the marchers followed Grand Knight Terry Sylvanus and his wife Doris who led them around the church to the memorial. Meanwhile another Knight took pictures and videotaped the event. the marchers stopped at the memorial and place the carnation around the base and then continued around the church. Once the 48 carnations were placed at the memorial and all the participatants had returned, the final prayer for life was recited and the event concluded. Copies of the pictures and videos were distributed by Rick Southwick to those who had requested them. Father Alex commended the Knghts for the successful event and vowed to make next year’s march even better.

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