Mass (Syriac Rite) with Bishop Mansour

Mass (Syriac Rite) with Bishop Mansour


Council: 1423 - No. WHITEFIELD

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The word “Catholic” means “Universal”. It is not limited to the celebration of the Mass according to our familiar Latin Rite. The Syriac Rite is among many of the Eastern-Rite Churches which are in communion with the Holy See (Rome). These other Rites have a few different forms which are not common in our Latin form. The most significant is the language of the Mass. In the Latin Rite, the languages used are English (our local vernacular, since the Second Vatican Council – 1965), Latin, and Greek. In the Syriac (Lebanon) Rite, the Mass in celebrated in Aramiac (the language of our Lord’s time), English, and Greek.
St. Joseph Maronite Catholic Church is a local Parish of the Eparchy of St. Maron of Brooklyn (Maronite), New York. The Bishop of this Eparchy is the Most Reverend Gregory Joseph Mansour. He has 46 Churches in his Eparchy, spread from Waterville, Maine, to Miami, Florida. His Excellency was scheduled to conduct an Episcopal visit to St. Joseph’s on this date.
The local District Deputy (DD7) put out a call-out for the participartion of an Honor Guard to escort His Excellency, in addition to the support provided by the local (Host) Council, Immaculate Heart of Mary 11303, Fairfield.Following the Mass, the entire Congregation, and guests, gathered in the downstairs Church Hall for fellowship, and the opportunity to talk with Bishop Mansour.

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