Memorial Day Mass

Memorial Day Mass


Council: 680 - MILLINOCKET

Project Description:

Every year, Christ the Divine Mercy Parish in Millinocket provides a Memorial Day Mass at the Memorial Altar in the Millinocket Cemetery to honor those military veterans who paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect America’s freedom and way of life. Members of Millinocket Council 680 participated in the Mass by attending to honor their fallen comrades, as members of the 4th Degree Honor Guard, or by visiting the gravesites of veterans before and after the Mass. Council 680 plays an active role in the memorial Mass because we recognize that many of our members, alive and deceased, are veterans. The Memorial Altar, where the Mass is held, was built by members of Council 680 in 1936. Annual maintenance and repairs are conducted as needed and funds are raised on an annual basis, as needed, to cover costs of maintenance and repair.

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