Mission Work – University of Maine in Alaska, Mission

Mission Work - University of Maine in Alaska, Mission


Council: 114 - BANGOR

Project Description:

The Knights received a request for assistance by a Parishioner of St. Paul the Apostle Parish, Chris Albert to attend Mission work through the University of Maine Mission work. A donation was made in the amount of $500.00
On the second Sunday of the trip we traveled to Nenana which is about an hour south of Fairbanks and attended mass with the community. After mass there was an open house and we had a chance to talk with the community.
There is a local prayer group in Fairbanks that meets weekly and they invited us to a BBQ. We got to socialize with the community and sing songs.
The first Sunday in Fairbanks we attended Mass and a parish picnic. After mixing with the community and talking about our faith we played soccer with the youth. The first Saturday in Fairbanks we worked at the Immaculate Conception Parish Soup Kitchen. It was a pleasure to serve food to the poor. St. Nicholas Church in North Pole is where vacation bible school was held as well as daily Mass with the children. We had an excellent turnout of about 60 kids. We also held a youth gathering. Many good conversations were had around the bonfire and we played a game of baseball.
During the afternoons of the first week the group split in half and did yard work at the Immaculate Conception Parish and around the Sacred Heart Cathedral (both in Fairbanks). I believe at Immaculate Conception the guys planted flows, trimmed hedges, and mowed lawns. At Sacred Heart we picked up brush that had been blown down and cleared walking trails around the cathedral.

I want you to know that the communities we visited were very appreciative of the work we did and were impressed to see a group of young men active in their faith. I say this because the support of the Knights of Columbus played a large role in my efforts to prepare for this trip. In other words, your charity helped a lot of people in the Diocese of Fairbanks!
Thank you for your support!

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