Monthly Free Suppers 2010 – 2022

Monthly Free Suppers 2010 - 2022


Council: 320 - JAY

Project Description:

Council 320 started doing a monthly free supper back in 2010. This effort was brought to fruition by a few brother Knights to hold a monthly free supper for the less fortunate in the community. The suppers started off as modest events. These suppers were ongoing and very well attended and soon the community around us became aware of these suppers and businesses and banks wanted to get involved by providing donations for the meals. We then moved to have a sponsor for each supper. Local businesses, banks and doctor’s offices all joined in to sponsor suppers and soon we had all 12 of the yearly suppers with sponsorships. We continued to provide this monthly free supper up until the time we sold our hall in 2019. After a short break we established ourselves in the parish hall and restarted the suppers. We were already in the process of doing the monthly suppers when the pandemic started and halted our in-house dinning. Along with the parish social ministry initiative which we got going we continued our suppers as take out only and other groups in the parish started offering a weekly free takeout supper as well. This has been an excellent parish and community effort promoted by our parish social ministry program. Over a hundred meals per month have been provide to the less fortunate since the start of these suppers by a few brother Knights devoted to help the community. This project fits well into the “Leave no Neighbor Behind” initiative.

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