No Neighbor Left Behind Garden Project

No Neighbor Left Behind Garden Project


Council: 2755 - SPRINGVALE

Project Description:

As part of the No Neighbor Left Behind Campaign, Grand Knight Pete Auger with assistance from his brother Daniel Auger planted three gardens in different areas of Sanford. For the past 7 weeks they harvested a variety of vegetables in the garden and distributed them to people in the Sanford Springvale Area. Vegetables included were 35 zucchinis, 26 summer squash, 45 pints of cherry tomatoes, 25 quarts of green beans, 25 cucumbers, 8 green peppers, rhubarb, and radishes. Pete also made over 50 jars of homemade pickles and 25 jars of stewed tomatoes.

These items were offered to members of the community at no cost to them including widows of Brother Knights, people with disabilities, and shut ins. THis campaign is winding down as of this writing but may continue sporadically into the fall.

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