Obsolete technology disposal/St. Thomas School

Obsolete technology disposal/St. Thomas School


Council: 13861 - SANFORD

Project Description:

On 12/30/2020 eight Brother Knights and two additional volunteers met at St. Thomas School. Our council was asked to assist in the the removal and disposal of all the schools’ obsolete technology.
We were able to form a “bucket brigade” line to bring the goods from storage in the basement upstairs and load into two Brother Knights pickup trucks. Once loaded up we transported the goods to the recycle depot and unloaded everything. We needed to count the number of monitors as there was a disposal fee for each one. There were 56 monitors, 63 computers, and assorted modems and cables.
A Brother Knight stepped up and paid the disposal fee on the monitors on behalf of the school.
During the process we also got the name of a potential member who we are in contact with.
St. Thomas School, our council namesake, took photos and posted them along with a thank you note in the church bulletin.
As Grand Knight, I have open dialog with the Principle Jessica Rice offering our help whenever it is needed.

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