Outdoor Christmas Creche project

Outdoor Christmas Creche project


Council: 13486 - WATERVILLE

Project Description:

Our council was asked to construct an enclosed Christmas creche, which was to be placed in front of the church during Advent and through the Christmas season. Our priest and another parishioner had the idea to have such a creche placed at each of our active churches this year. So, our council built one for Notre Dame and the Winslow council built one for St. John. Br. Dan Henyan and I worked together to buy the necessary supplies and used materials already at hand to construct the creche. It was designed with a clear plexiglass front and a roof to protect the figures of the Holy Family inside the creche. We painted the interior of the rear wall to better show those figures and the exterior to protect the wood from the weather. We placed the creche in a spot that was most visible to all going by the church. Luckily, there was no vandalism of our display.
When Fr. Dan thanked us during Mass, we were rewarded with applause from the parishioners, not expected but appreciated. Lastly, because this was not a highly professional job, the cost to the council was less than $150, and it served its purpose well. The creche is in storage for next year.

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