Painting Parish Office

Painting Parish Office


Council: 114 - BANGOR

Project Description:

The Parish Maintenance Manager contacted Pine Cone Council 114 to see if they would paint another Office at the St. Paul the Apostle Parish Office during the week, well the answer was YES.

The Maintenance person readied the room, moving things out, prepping the room and purchasing the materials needed.. Two Knights volunteered to do the wall prep, filing the nail holes, taping, washing the walls etc. The person moving into the office space selected the Color – Dover White, and the two Knights began painting.

Paint was applied liberally as to hopefully only need one coat of paint, well the job turned out great.

The second day, one of the Brothers returned to the office to paint a window case, which was another color and to also remove the tape and paint tarps left from the day before.

Another example of our local Knights working within the Parish Community and lending a helping hand as needed.

Great Job, Knights!

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