Painting Parish Office

Painting Parish Office


Council: 114 - BANGOR

Project Description:

The Maintenance Facility Manager and then Msgr. Andrew Dubois asked the Knight’s if they would paint Msgr. Andrew’s office, of course we said we would do this. On Oct 14th, one Knight speckled the areas requiring a nice clean surface, then on Oct 15, this same Knight put down tarps over the carpeted area, removed outlet and electrical switch covers, sanded the speckled areas, then taped all the areas needing to be kept away from the new paint that was going to be applied. Around 6:30 pm, three others Knights arrived, and were explained what needed to be accomplished. Two knights cut-in all the areas needing it, and the other two started with paint rollers. A nice discussion was had by all four guys, everyone having lots to say, with being cooped up due to Covid-19, the sharing of information was strong and steady.

At the end of the night the entire office space was painted, things were picked up and put away, the brushes, rollers an d pans were cleaned.

The following morning on Oct 16th, the one knight returned to the office to remove the tape, and to reinstall all the outlet and switch covers. Removed the four tarps and took them outside and shock them out, folded them and put them away for the next time. The carpet was Vacuumed, the furniture and window sills were wiped off. Rearranged the furniture and turned off the lights.

The four walls and the room looked marvelous.

Well done Brother Knights!

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