Pandemic Helping the Elderly

Pandemic Helping the Elderly


Council: 114 - BANGOR

Project Description:

St. Paul the Apostle Parish case worker recommended this gentleman to the Knights regarding getting his winter’s trash out to the curbside for a Wednesday pick-up. His name is Bruce Roberts at 95 Chamberlain, Brewer, Apt., 2 and his phone number is 942-0131. Can you or someone give him a call?
Mary Brown
Administrative Assistant
St. Paul the Apostle Parish
Brother Keith Forbes and his grandson Chase took this one on, and it provided an opportunity to show what a good deed was to his grandson.
We arrived at this gentleman apartment and knocked on the door and he welcomed us in. He explained what needed to be taken out and then showed us his storage room. The gentleman was neat and clean and the task of taking out the last 7 or 8 months of trash wasn’t so much as expected. The cardboard had been broken down and piled neatly, some of the trash had been placed in roll around trash bins, and the other large trash bags neatly piled.
My grandson and I choose the items we felt we could handle to carry out, and we did this task together. About half way through the task Chase says to me “You could have picked a better time to do this!”, to which, I really had to say to my self who is getting the lesson…..
At the conclusion of the task, there was a huge pile of trash along the curb neatly placed. Mr. Roberts was very pleased with our work, and invited us back next Tuesday to take his trash out. I explained to him, that I would give him a call.

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