Pandemic – Installation of safe distancing material

Pandemic - Installation of safe distancing material


Council: 114 - BANGOR

Project Description:

The Directors of our Community Outreach Store – “The Attic” contacted the GK and asked if the Knights could install a sheet of plexiglas to protect everyone during making purchases at the Attic Store. The Knights accepted and Jeff Schaller checked things out and found that using clear plastic shrink wrap, the kind used for protecting windows from the cold could be used. Jeff purchased the PVC piping, the clamps, screws, and Plastic Weather Kit. Two knights brought heat guns, drills, extension cord and some hand tools and began the installation of the pic piping, then the two way tape, and then the clear plastic was installed. The dimensions were 60 inches wide by 96 inches tall. The heat guns were used to shrink the plastic into place, which made a very tight and clear view to the customer. All in all, this worked out perfectly.

The Store reopened on June 22nd with lots of protective rules to follow.

Covid-19, what a beast.


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