Parish Hall ADA Handicap Accessibility12

Parish Hall ADA Handicap Accessibility12


Council: 320 - JAY

Project Description:

During the past couple of years due to the Pandemic Parish Social Ministry has been a major and highly successful venture for our parish. We have offered a blessing box, walkup food pantry and free takeout suppers every Friday. There has been a big effort in the Parish to make more use of our school building and make it a community building to support those in need in the community. One of the priorities our pastor Fr Paul brought to our attention was the need to have handicap accessibility to the hall and bathrooms. At our July 2021 meeting we voted to donate $10,000 towards a project for this purpose. The project was scoped out and CAD drawings were completed by some of the Knights. We got estimates for materials and made plans to do the work with volunteers from the K of C and the men’s group in the parish. The total estimated cost for the project came in at just over $17,000 which is less than half of the quoted cost to have the project completed by a commercial contractor. The project is currently in the construction phase and is going well. The plumbing portion of the project is being completed by a local plumber who is also a member of the parish. Another benefit of this project is that by working together we have 2 or 3 members of the men’s group who are considering joining the Knights. As the project moves forward and we have others become involved we hope to increase the interest in the Knights by being in the fore front of improvements to our community.

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